I Thank You


by: Benjamin Foley

I thank all those who think I am crazy;
You have only ignited my fire to inspire.
I thank all who wanted me to fit into their mold;
You have taught me the value of my voice.

I thank all those who reject me;
You gave me more space to create
I thank all those that think I should be ‘smart;’
You have taught me the importance of wisdom.
I thank all the cynics;
You have made clear the wrong path.
I thank those that helped me believe.

A belief in the collective
One that finds a deeper meaning
then the sum of its parts,
One that jumps into the unknown
oblivion, falling without a yelp
or a Savior,
In order to see if it has the faith
to endure.

A faith deeper than the cliff itself
A collective faith that stretches beyond comprehension
and touches the divine

Here is where wings are found
Or rather where wings are rediscovered.
For they were within me the whole time

Ben Foley

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