The greater danger for most of us in not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” – Aristotle 

Burn your fucking boats.” – Tony Robbins

Stop trying to be perfect.

Stop worrying about the “right” app or what time to meditate.

Or what method to use.

Or what teacher you should follow.

Or whether you should do it guided or unguided.

Or if should do it on a meditation cushion or a chair.

It does not matter. Just breath in and out.

You don’t need the perfect form. Meditation isn’t the Olympics. No one is keeping score. If you can’t get over your need to be perfect before you do something, you will remain stuck, forever. It is only after we do something repeatedly that we ever start to reap the benefits.

Ira Glass, the legendary host of NPR’s This American life, says something similar in a talk about the creative process to beginners. He essentially tells them that their work is going to suck. That they have great taste, but what they produce will not be very good at first. It will not live up to the tastes of what they want to accomplish, but that they shouldn’t get discouraged. Sucking is part of the process. He instructs them to do it anyway. To fail epically. To hate how their work looks. Because if you don’t, then you will never start. And if you never start you will never get to where you want to be.

The same goes for you, the person who says that being focused and overcoming anxiety is important, but you just can’t because you have “x.” Or you therapist told you “y.” Or you already tried “z,” and it doesn’t work for you.

The reality is that you are not a unique snowflake. Meditation and mindfulness will work for you if you just do it like a motherfucker. Without a care of whether you are doing it right. Without any preconceived notion of what it will feel like.

Drop your ego. I know I need to drop mine as well.

This is an open letter to myself and everyone out there who is tired of making excuses and ready to start taking practical steps to healing the negative and finding more of the positive.

We need an April Awakening (smart, huh?). And here it is. It starts with this tribe.

Every day this month, I will be putting out a new video that will focus specifically on meditation and mindfulness. The videos will be aimed to teach you how to develop the habit and give you the resources to stick with it.

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I’m not saying this not to be mean or rude, but as a tool to start destroying the victim mentality, so many of us (me included) have when it comes to healing ourselves and living the life that we want.

If you have a Plan B; Plan A will never work. Stop hedging your bets. Your mental health is too important and too vital. You have to make it the priority and to do that you have to stop complaining about how you don’t have the power to change. Or that mindfulness won’t work for you. I can assure you it will if you stick to it.

Do it like your life depends on it because it does. It doesn’t matter what style you follow. What app you use. What time of day you do it. Whether you do it naked or in the shower.

Just commit to do it consistently for 30 straight days and meditate like a motherfucker.

But all that matters is that you meditate like a motherfucker.

Shut out everything else, but this challenge for the whole month. Don’t read about meditation. Don’t listen to another podcast about it. Don’t talk to your therapist about it.

You know how to do it. Breathe in. Breathe out. That’s it. Stick to that. That is all you need to do that is all you need to know. And follow along with the videos if you get stuck. So, my friend, I am asking, no I am urging you to please meditate like a motherfucker. Let’s make this April an Awakened one.

So, my friend, I am asking, no I am urging you to please meditate like a motherfucker. Let’s make this April an Awakened one.

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